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Dental Professionals: Volunteer Now
Are you a general dentist, specialist, hygienist, dental assistant or other dental auxiliary interested in making a difference in the lives of low-income residents in your community? Read on to find out how you can help.

Volunteer in our offices:
  • Volunteering in our clinic requires only a minimal time commitment – just two days per year!
  • Dentists: You may bring your own assistant or we will supply one for you.
  • Dentists will be granted autonomy to define or modify the treatment plans of their patients as they see fit.
  • Because we are a nonprofit organization, we can grant you sovereign immunity, meaning you are protected from any malpractice suits that might come as a result of your work in the clinic.
  • Specialists: You can accept cases on a limited scale to perform in your own offices.
Or, Volunteer from Your Own Office!
  • Our Virtual Clinic provides a way to continue to see the number of patients in need of our services, while letting doctors volunteer in their own offices, at their own schedules.
  • Participating doctors agree to see one or more patients per year
  • Patients are pre-screened for financial need by Gulf Coast Dental Outreach, pay administrative fees to us, and arrive at your office for treatment
  • You oversee and provide treatment from initial examination through to the end of treatment
  • Continue to remain eligible for Sovereign Immunity
  • Gulf Coast Dental Outreach will pay for all lab work you prescribe through labs with which we have agreements
To express your interest in volunteering or to learn more, please contact Executive Director Harry Gross here. To view more ways you can make a difference, see how anyone in our community can help.
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